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Philips Green Perform Prime 100w Highbay

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Green Perform Prime is a highbay designed to deliver excellent e­fficiency and right optics suited for various applications. Offering excellent beam and glare control, this highbay offers an unmatched lighting experience. GreenPerform Prime not only provides assured performance, it is also a stylish t for any facility.


Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, sports halls, atriums and airports

Features and benefi­ts
Energy efficient

System efficacy is 150 lumens/watt
Made with state-of-the-art LED technology and a specially designed driver to provide maximum efficacy
75% energy savings versus conventional HID static light
Designed for eye comfort

Low lens glare makes it gentle and comfortable to the eyes
Uniform light distribution allows for constant illumination
Aesthetically designed

Completely new aesthetics design

Designed for operations under diverse environments ranging from -10˚C to 55˚C
IK08 polycarbonate cover provides strong protection under harsh conditions
Pressure die-cast housing offers excellent corrosion-resistance and robustness
Effi­cient heat dissipation assures long time at high temperature application
Versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of applications
Lens options are available to achieve wide beam, narrow beam and extra narrow beam to suit the specific application. The various options ensure uniform and ample illumination across the area
Wide beam for low height applications
Narrow beam for higher height applications
Extra narrow beams for very high mounting applications (>15m)
Polycarbonate front cover makes this luminaire suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications including F&B

Thoughtfully designed
Highly robust PDC housing body

Pressure die-cast housing offers excellent corrosion resistance and robustness
Fin-structured heat sink and specially designed central air vent for consistent light output
Excellent thermal management for LED longevity
Highly e­fficient LED engine and driver

Specially designed universal driver housing across the range
High efficacy of 150 lumens/watt with CRI 70
ETO option with CRI 80 at 135 lumens/watt

Green Perform Prime comes with specially designed optics and IK08 polycarbonate cover

Keeping in mind various applications the product comes with annular lens construction that delivers 60/90 degree full angle whereas a collimator lens is provided for a 30 degree full angle whereas a collimator lens is provided for a 30-degree full angle

Additional information

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Data Sheet

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